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Gearing Down

Gearing Down refers to one thing... Retirement!

Retirement may mean selling your farm, passing it on to the younger generation, or dividing into acreages.

In reading this you may be one of these individuals who:
*no longer wants to farm due to health issues or age
*the kids are grown and moved away
*wants to spend time with the spouse and travel

But...you don't know how to make it happen. You  need to:
*sell the land,
*still put food on the table,
*meet all the outstanding expenses,
*sell the machinery/stock,
*become debt-free,
*and the list goes on….

What are the Options?
*sell or give to younger generation
*sell it as one property
*break up the farm into acreages
*take a loss
*stay farming
*_______  (you fill in the blank)

Is there another option? YES! Let Don MacDonald help you by contacting us.